France Noyer SAS

Our philosophy

France Noyer is above all a craftman's company, by craft we mean a passion for our job and a taste for highly-skilled quality work.

Man is a key word in our company, our know how is transmitted from man to man, each one of us is responsible for one stage of the production with a single aim : a high quality finished product.

Indeed, in the processing of precious species, no machine will ever take the place of a man's eye or skill.


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Our history

In 1981 Jean-Marie BONNET established the veneer factory in Assier, building a structure capable of enhancing his discoveries. For 22 years he was ably assisted by Agnès AUBERTIN who was in charge of all the international development of the company. Since Mr Bonnet passed away in April 2011, Agnès AUBERTIN has been managing France Noyer and enabled the company to establish itself on the Asian market. She is surrounded by a team with the skills necessary for the processing of the precious woods including purchasing (in France and Africa), forestry and treatment. It is a young team, motivated and willing to maintain and even develop the knowledge very specific of our company France Noyer.


2011 : France Noyer SAS

This is Agnes AUBERTIN who now heads the company.


2000 : Specialisation in the production of mahogany crotch veneer and okoume crotch veneer.

Jean-Marie BONNET applied to transmit its knowledge to a team of young people both at the head of the company at each stage of purchasing and manufacturing skills so that persist and that the future of society is ensured with serenity.


1981 : Building the veneer factory

Jean-Marie BONNET kept on running the sawmill while at the same time developing the commercial side. In addition he began veneer manufacturing in 1981 building the veneer factory located at Assier (South West of France) on a 6 hectare site on which he set up a 6000 M2 building.


1950 : Jean-Marie BONNET

Jean-Marie BONNET bought his first trees standing and very quickly took the head of a team of wood cutters to cut his own trees. He never hesitated to join in and use the pickaxe or the axe along with them. According to him " you can only lead by setting an example and proving your competence ".


1940 : Creation of the sawmill

Emile BONNET carries on this trade and begins to produce wood boards for cabinet makers. He sets up his own sawmill.


1930 : Emile BONNET

Forestry and walnut tree trade.

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