Know how

Purchases walnut trees and other woods

Our sphere of influence extends to a lot of providers in Europe and on the other continents. France NOYER is able to react quickly. As soon as a " special log " is on the market, we are informed.


Our own vehicle fleet ( four wheel drive cars, forester tractors, lorries with cranes, articulated lorries) as well as our woodcutters give us a greater mobility on several logging sites and enable us to cut trees without damaging the wood.

Selection and Grading

Each log is selected so as to give it the destination best suited to it and thus get good value for it : trading, sawing or slicing and rottaring. Many factors will be taken into account to choose the destination : conformation, length, color.

We only have one aim : to show the wood in advantage and satisfying our customers.


Five main stages.


Etape 1/5 - Squaring

It's done on a saw fitted out with a travelling crane.

The pattern appearing on the veneer depend on this stage, a fondamental stage for the precious species we work with.

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Etape 2/5 - Steaming

5 INOX steamrooms and 2 hot water rooms warned by a 2200 kg/ hour boiler totally automatic and by a wood boiler which enables us to recycle all our wood wastes.This stage enables the colouring of the wood and makes the slicing easier.

A skilful regulation of the steam is necessary to obtain a perfect dolour.


Etape 3/5 - Slicing

Four slicers (2 RFR, 1 VALETTE ET GARREAU and 1 SALMSON) and one CREMONA rottaring machine. Each of these machines has been technically modified and adapted by ourselves to fit with the density of each kind of wood (walnut, Mahogany, burls...) and to improve the quality of slicing.

Thanks to all these processing secrets we produce high quality veneers.

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Photo 4


Etape 4/5 - Drying

A tunnel drier whith an inox "belt". The temperature is regulated within about to a degree thanks to a heat engine boiler driven by computer. each wood is processed differently according to its nature.

For the same species of wood, the time of drying can be different because each log has its own physical request.


Etape 5/5 - Cutting

Choosing the best compromise between length, color and possible flaws, laking the best of the wood patterns, this is what is required from the man at the guillotine. He must all the time bear in mind what is know of the final market and its fluctuations.

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